Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

Bye Bye Vitamix

Today is a sad, sad day. It's the day that I realized I can no longer be spoiled with life's little luxuries. Living on your own is tough... especially without a Vitamix, lol. I know this sounds so silly, and it is. However, I tried to make my protein ice cream and couldn't.

A while ago my mom bought a banana ice cream maker called Yonana's. Was the BEST THING EVER, at the time. This was until I realized ANY blender could do what this machine did, blend frozen banana's into ice cream. So since buying the Vitamix we (my mom and I) have had no use for the Yonana's. The Vitamix blended banana's AND protein powder... which is something that the Yonana's couldn't do.

Now, living on my own my mom sent me on my way with the Yonana's. No Vitamix. :( So here is a picture of my attempt at Vanilla protein banana ice cream.

Notice all the powder? It was soooo hard trying to mix my own protein into the concoction - and it was actually a good forearm workout, lol. Still the ice cream tasted a little grainy. I am still actually trying to finish it, something I had no trouble doing in the past.

So if any of you want to buy me a Vitamix... I would gladly accept, or even a Ninja, I'm not picky ;)

* Thanks for letting me vent.

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